Wednesday, 29 August 2012

DIY: Inexpensive Lush Lipgloss 'Passionate' Duplicate

I'm sure many of you have heard about Lush's new makeup line Emotional Brilliance.  It is based around the idea of colour therapy and choosing colours based on your personality and mood. Personally, I love the colour, but for the whopping price of £14.50, they can keep it. The colour is gorgeous and the pigmentation is amazing as shown below but I would rather invest in a cheaper version.

I really really love this colour lipgloss but I haven't seemed to find a dupe of 'Passionate' by Lush so I managed to create my own dupe of it using a similar colour eyeshadow.

To make the duplicate of 'Passionate' you want to start off with applying a soft, glossy lip balm to clean lips.
(Price varies, cheapest is £0.50 from local Drug Stores)

Then you want to get the 'Sleek MakeUp Palette in Acid 570'
(£7.99 from the official website)

To make the lipgloss, you are going to use the bright pinky/purply colour (Top Left).
Just use the eyeshadow brush to distribute it evenly over your lips, and to finish you can add a touch of shimmery lipgloss to create the shimmery look of the lipgloss.

There you go! Your own dupe! Hope you liked it!!

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  1. lush has some great products but can be a little pricey. I love their face mask and havent really tried their makeup range.