Sunday, 26 August 2012

Nic's Heavenly Hair Tint Recipe

Okay Guys! I have just invented an awesome DIY Wash-out Hair Tint for you guys to try at home!
As you guys should know by now, my hair is meant to be Purple, but these days it is starting to fade, waaa :'(  so I have come up with an alternative to permanent hair dye which will mess up my hair even more. The tint I made was purple hence you should be able to see above, it does look more noticeable in person but you can kind of see the difference on the picture.

So... For this Recipe you will need:
So, as we are going to be using loads of eyeshadow for the job, I recommend  that you use a cheap eyeshadow, only because if you use an expensive one like mac, it wont be there for long. So for my tutorial I am using the deep purple MUA eyeshadow (£1) (bottom right)

This is the hairspray that I used. It is the best hairspray I have ever used and is so worth buying! 

You might be thinking to yourself 'WTF? ARGAN OIL, WHY??' well, the reason why is to protect your hair!

We are only using this for the foam part. You'll see why later.


  1. Find a bowl of some sort (preferably plastic) and use a small brush or tool to empty about 1/4 of the chosen eyeshadow into the bowl.
  2. (Preferably sprayable) Spray 1 pump of Argan Oil to the eyeshadow and use a small brush to stir it into the eyeshadow to break up the lumps.
  3. Add a pump of hairspray to the mixture and keep on stiring until you cannot see any lumps left of the eyeshadow. You should just be left with a purple mixture.
4. Pump some of the Waterless Foam Shampoo into the mixture. The amount sprayed is dependant to the volume of hair you will be covering.
(all is dependant on the thickness of your hair)

5. Use a small brush to fold the foam into the mixture. DO NOT STIR IT otherwise the air will be released from the foam and will cause it to turn to liquid (add more foam if necessary). Just fold the mixture(s) in on eachother until a purple foam is formed. 
6. Once the foam has been formed, section your hair depending on how much hair you are tinting and   then rub the foam mixture over that area of hair. Your hands will get a bit messy but it will wash off.

All products used in this recipe do not have to be the same brands. The hair tint will last depending on how often you wash your hair. It is most likely to wash out during the first wash but some residue may be left behind but will be gone by the second wash.

Thanks for reading guys! Hope you enjoyed this homemade recipe!!!!!!!

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