My Introduction

So...this is me.

My name is Nicole, I'm 14, and I have an obsession with anything related to Makeup.

Ever since the age of 4, I got into hairpieces (known as extensions nowadays) and Makeup thanks to all of the female members within my family. I always had some form of lip gloss on if I was to go out somewhere. My favourite lip gloss during that age was I think a Vaseline lip gloss/balm. I loved it! I wouldn't go anywhere without even just a touch of it on my lips. It was my lucky lip gloss. Then as I got older I started to increase my amount of makeup use, so I went from wearing just lipgloss to wearing lipgloss and eyeshadow, and it just built up from there really. I didn't get into foundation until I was 11, and then eyeliner when I became 12. Ever since then I have just been trying to widen my range of skills with makeup, and that's why I am on Youtube today! Youtube is my way to build confidence and to widen my skills. It holds so many opportunities for people around my age, its amazing!

Another reason for me joining Youtube was to make me stronger. I am very fragile when it comes to bullies and mean words, but being on Youtube, you're gonna get haters, but at the end of the day, haters are what make you, you. They are what define the type of person you are, so in the end, Haters are good.
I hope you enjoy my Youtube Videos. If you don't then, maybe this particular genre of video is not for you, but at least I am doing what I love.

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